USB C Hub to HDMI USB 3.0 Type-C Adapter For MacBook

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USB C HUB to HDMI USB 3.0 Type-C Adapter For MacBook

The USB Hub Adapter offers high speed expansion with enough interfaces for improved efficiency. With a newly upgraded chic appearance this adapter comes in 4 different colours including a cutting-edge translucent design that will look perfect with any device.

The 5 port expansion offers two way quick charging as well as a dual USB outport allowing you to explore more possibilities with your device. External connection include flash disks, hard disks, keyboard and mouse providing a more convenient office/study space. Turn your phone into a private at-home cinema in seconds with the 4K HD video outport interface for projection to large screens for movie playback.

The USB hub adapter is small and portable, however does not compromise on the speed with a transmission of up to 5gbps. The built-in independent operation chip enables faster transfer of multi-g files and higher efficiency. Also featuring multi-device compatibility so you can connect to more than one of your devices!

port 1: type c – 60w pd quick charge
port 2: type c – data transmission
port 3: 4K HD – video output
port 4/5: USB – USB3.0 transmission


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